Quick Lift treatments "How can I rejuvenate my chest and neck area?" is a question we receive often! There is nothing women want more than to have flawless youthful skin and no matter how many creams we use on our face,  we tend to forget our neck and chest area. As a result these area usually gets neglected and can be prone to various skin concerns such as loose skin, pigmentation and acne. In this blog, we have gathered the best treatments we offer for the delicate décolletage area.

1. Rejuvenate your cleavage with our Quick Lift

Quick Lift is a revolutionary, pain-free laser treatment that works to lift and tighten the skin without the downtime. Combining multiple laser and light technology, it helps to stimulate collagen, resulting in rejuvenated skin for a more youthful appearance.

2.Fade out pigmentation, combat acne and tighten the skin with one of our Advanced Peels

If pigmentation or acne on your chest concerns you, then we offer a huge array of advanced bespoke peels, tailored to your individual needs to help clear, brighten and tighten your skin. Depigmentation PeelOur Depigmentation Peel works to lighten the skin tone, reducing the appearance of pigmentation caused by hormones or sun damage. After the peel, our therapists will supply you with the necessary homecare products and you will notice the dead skin cells flaking off your skin to reveal a new, healthy and radiant complexion. Furthermore, our specialised Neckline Define Peel doesn’t only help to diminish the appearance of skin discolouration, but can also trigger the production of new collagen, smoothing out wrinkles, firming and thickening the delicate skin on the neck and décolleté. Chest acne, is another very common and frustrating skin concern of our clients. If you are desperately searching for an effective solution, then Acnelan could be the answer. Our revolutionary acne peel works to cleanse the skin from any impurities, exfoliate, remove excess oil and reduce inflammation for a healthier, visibly clearer complexion.

3. Rejuvenate and even out the skin tone with Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL)

Another great treatment that can help to reduce pigmentation on your décolleté is IPL. This rejuvenating treatment uses intense pulsed light technology that penetrates the skin, helping to stimulate collagen production and even out the skin tone. IPL doesn’t only help reduce pigmentation, but can also work great to rejuvenate, tightening the skin and thread vein removal. Radiofrequency treatment

4. Lift and tighten your skin with Radiofrequency 

If loose skin on your décolleté is bothering you, then you may be interested in having our latest Radiofrequency treatment. This advanced heat treatment combines different radiofrequency technologies along with ultrasound energy to stimulate new collagen production to smooth out wrinkles and tighten the skin on your décolletage. To find out more about the different treatments we offer to rejuvenate your décolleté, call us today on 020 3811 2727. Or book a complimentary consultation with our expert Treatment Coordinator, who will be able to assess your skin and recommend a personalised course of treatments for your concern
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