We thought the winter was over, we couldn’t have been more wrong! Just as we were gearing up for spring, we were hit by bittering cold breezes and snowfall across the country. As the wintery weather continues into March, we thought we would share our tips to keep your skin hydrated, plumped and youthful during the cold period.


Exfoliate your lips

Have you been suffering from dry, chapped lips recently? Once your lips have cracked due to winter weather, applying lip balm simply just won’t do the trick. To give your lips a real dose of TLC you’ll need to remove the dead skin cells first. Our tips? Gently use your toothbrush in a circular motion to buff away flaky skin or mix some caster sugar and honey to create a DIY exfoliator. Your lips will be able to absorb lip balm a lot better this time round. Follow this with a moisturising lip balm to keep your lips hydrated, we would recommend Hydrating Lip Crème from YoungBlood. This amazing SPF based lip balm will protect the lips as well as hydrate them.

Layer up

We’re not just referring to clothes here, we’re talking about your skincare routine. If you’re not doing this already, try adding a hydrating serum to your skincare routine to give yourself another layer of protection against the cold. The essential B5 Hydrating Serum from DermaQuest is a unique serum that helps prevent dehydration and ageing whilst improving moisture retention in the skin.

Don’t skip the SPF

It’s important to remember that the sun’s harmful rays still exist in the winter and your skin will still absorb the UV rays. ALWAYS wear SPF to protect your skin in the long run. We would recommend Hydrate + from CosMedix. This SPF moisturising sunscreen not only offers protection but works to improve the skin’s texture for a radiant complexion. Head into our clinic and find the most suitable SPF moisturiser for your skin type.


We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, Hydrate! Along with drinking a lot of water, we would recommend a bespoke facial at one of our clinics to help refresh and rejuvenate this skin. Our LED Luminous Lift Facial uses an advanced non-ablative laser to replenish and repair the skin. Each light frequency used has its own purpose in addressing a specific skin concern. You also have the option of a bespoke facial where our trained therapists analyse your skin and design a tailored treatment plan to suit your skins need’s. Facials are a great option to restore hydration and rejuvenate skin cells as dead skin cells can over time accumulate on the skins surface, leaving you with a dull, dry and lifeless complexion. Once a month in the winter can really make a difference and your skin will thank you in the long run, trust us. If your concerns lie a little deeper than dehydration, we offer Volite HA Boost, the latest in injectable treatments at EF MEDISPA. This innovative new treatment uses multiple micro injections of hyaluronic acid to hydrate, smooth and brighten the skin, helping you to achieve a more radiant, younger looking appearance. Watch the treatment in action here.
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