Spring is finally here; the weather is getting warmer and it’s a great reason to kick-start your health boost. In this blog, we want to talk to you about all our top tips to help you feel healthier, happier and full of energy this spring.

Update or begin an exercise regimeBarrecore

If you haven’t already got an exercise regime in place, spring is a great time to bring one in, or update your current one by trying something new. Exercise is a great way to feel both healthier and happier. During exercise our brain releases endorphins which trigger a positive thought and make us feel happier. If you’re a regular at our Bristol clinic then we recommend trying Barrecore, situated in the basement of EF MEDISPA Bristol. Barrecore run ballet-inspired fitness classes, which use the principles of ballet strength training and incorporate them into fitness classes. These hour-long classes are great for your core strength, and will leave you feeling like you’ve done an intense workout.

Eat Healthy & SeasonalCPRESS

Eating both healthy and seasonal food is a sure way to make you feel healthier this spring. If you want some inspiration for delicious healthy and seasonal meals, then head to one of our recent blog posts here. We give you 3 of our favourite recipes for spring. If you’re worried that eating healthy means that you can no longer have treats then we would like to introduce you to CPRESS. CPRESS are a London based brand that offer a great variety of juices, meals and snacks, most of which are raw, gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free and dairy free. One of our favourite tasty snacks from CPRESS is their dried mango, and their delicious granola bars, both of which will hit your sweet tooth when you’re feeling a sugar craving this spring.

Treat yourself LED Luminous Lift

In order to live a healthy life, it is always good to ensure you have a balanced lifestyle. This means that as well as working hard, you must also take the time out to relax and treat yourself. One way lots of our clients like to treat themselves is by having treatments at EF MEDISPA. Whether you want to take 30 minutes out of your hectic day to recharge with a Drip & Chill Vitamin Infusion in our lounge at Canary Wharf, or if you’d like to relax and rejuvenate your skin with a 30 minute LED Luminous Lift, ensuring you’re looking after yourself is one way to achieve optimum health throughout the year.

Get a fresh look

Sometimes changing up the way we look, can completely change the way we feel about ourselves and help us to feel more positive. Have you ever wondered why many people get a new haircut at the beginning of the year? Many people associate a fresh look with a new beginning, and what better way to give yourself a new look than with some new make-up? We recommend visiting one of our clinics to speak to our expert front of house about our range of YoungBlood mineral make-up. The lightweight formulation of the make-up means that it looks natural on the skin, and allows the skin to breathe and heal. We always recommend our clients use YoungBlood make-up after any skin treatments they have. To find out more about the products and treatments mentioned in this blog, call us today on 020 3811 2727 or book a complimentary consultation here.  
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