High Frequency Mesotherapy

img_meso_fatOne of my favourite treatments at EF MEDISPA is Mesotherapy, a technique invented in 1952 by the French Doctor Michel Pistor, which consists in treating the affected areas with microinjections of conventional or homeopathic medications, vitamins, minerals or amino acids. The Mesotherapy treatment is great for treating cellulite, and reducing fat on the body through helping circulation, releasing water retention and breaking down of the fat. This fantastic and comfortable treatment has stood the test of time for over half a century and is still one of the most successful ways to treat cellulite at EF MEDISPA. EF MEDISPA use a hand held gun that injects a serum into the fat cells, targeting the desired areas. This picks up the micro circulation, the diuretic serum helps to release water retention and helps break down the fat. Mesotherapy improves the skin tone and circulation and targets the problem areas at every angle to achieve the best optimum results. The microinjections that you are given during a Mesotherapy treatment are so tiny you barely even feel them. Chic Parisian women for decades have known this treatment is one of the best and most versatile beauty tricks, nothing compares to infusing the skin with nutrition, the results after one treatment are outstanding.
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