Well Woman Diet

wellwomanThis week, I’m excited to tell you about the EF MEDISPA Well Woman Diet. Based on the Proteifine Diet, EF MEDISPA’s Well Woman programme is a protein and vegetable rich, low carbohydrate diet with bespoke nutritional supplementation tailored to each individual. It promotes fast, effective fat loss, encourages muscle tone and above all, ensures long term weight maintenance. This advanced meal replacement programme is provided only by Doctors and nutritionists to ensure safe and healthy weight loss. Each client is supported throughout the programme by EF MEDISPA’s nutritionist Kim Pearson and is nutritionally re-educated to ensure long term weight maintenance once their target weight has been achieved.

As good for your outside as it is for your insides, the diet has the added benefit of improving your skins health by making it more toned and supple, it dramatically improves the appearance of cellulite and the bespoke approach means there’s no loose skin which is so often a side effect of dramatic weight loss.

We’d love to tell you more about the Well Women diet so do pop in for a consultation and we can share how this programme can help you reach your ideal body.

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