REDUCE BY VANQUISHFor many people, losing weight is a permanent, full-time job. A chore and an effort – and one that we’ve all been focusing on for the past month. But if the new Sirtfood diet has failed you and your resolution never to drink again has left you dying for a good old glass of wine, what’s the solution? As someone that likes to go out and about, try the latest restaurants and socialise with friends and family, a puritanical, perfectionist approach is never going to work for me. Which is why I jumped at the chance to snap up a new treatment that really is the Holy Grail of fat loss – without all the hassle: Meet the new Reduce by Vanquish. Updated and modernised since its previous incarnation, this model really is the supersonic, body-streamlining version. At double the power and now, featuring a new, bigger head, it promises better results – in even less time. It’s comfortable, easy, non-invasive and can penetrate up to 15mm deep into the skin, killing off 60% of fat cells at a subcutaneous level. After the fat has dissolved, the body then processes and eliminates it. So combine it with some Acoustic Wave Therapy and you’ll not only be slaying those fat cells – but you’ll also be accelerating the process of breaking it down and boosting lymphatic drainage. Yes, a healthy, balanced approach to food and exercise is necessary. But with minimal effort, Reduce by Vanquish will prove successful where your former diet trials and tribulations have failed you. Each session requires only 45 minutes to an hour, (perfect for a snappy lunchtime treatment) every week for up to six sessions. Trust me when I say from personal experience, with results this good on the abdomen, thighs, backs of the arms and bra strap area, you’ll want to start now to get a head start on the season of skin-baring in spring. And maybe, just maybe start giving yourself a bit of a break when it comes to that New Year’s diet... HAVE YOU TRIED EF’S MOST POPULAR TREATMENT? QuickLiftAs you know, I’m always scouring the globe for new and improved products, gizmos and technology to make EF MEDISPA treatments in anti-ageing, body firming and holistic rejuvenation ever more effective and time efficient. And while our clinics continue to multiple in number, there’s one treatment that stands out as being an absolute winner among client after client after client... Delivering immediate firming results, the Quick Lift is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment that irons out wrinkles and plumps up the skin with an efficacy that’s nothing short of miraculous. And the more you do it, the better it works. Proving that the oft-repeated adage, ‘no pain, no gain’ has become an urban myth thanks to new anti-ageing breakthroughs, I find that a Quick Lift treatment is actually so relaxing, I often drift off, have a little snooze – then wake up with my formerly drooping brows sitting pretty on my forehead again! So how does it work? Put simply, the Quick Lift utilises the Q-Switched Laser to heat up the skin, boost collagen production and create an impressive lifting and tightening effect on the face, neck and décolleté. It’s so effective that if you try it on one side of the face alone for the sake of comparison, the results really are startling. And for all those of you who are already committed fans, the treatment just got even better thanks to a recent trip of mine to Barcelona. Like meeting the Masterchef of anti-ageing. I encountered new and inventive cocktails of Mesotherapy to treat a wider variety of skin issues. Recipes – if you will – for everything from pigmentation to skin slackening, dehydration and dullness. Perfect for pre-party prep or resurrecting the skin after a long flight or bout of flu, by combining the Quick Lift with our new Mesotherapy super mixes, you’ll get even better results when it comes to recovering your radiance. So isn’t it time you tried our most popular treatment? ESTHER’S GUIDE TO BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM soupJanuary is supposed to be about a ‘New Year, new you’. A healthy start, free from fatty, sugary foods and alcohol – and full of leafy greens, power juices and exercise. Yet it’s hardly been the most auspicious of starts for me. Having successfully avoided my husband’s lingering December lergy for a good six weeks, it finally caught up with me late in January. Having snivelled and sniffed my way through it, I’ve finally got myself back on my feet – thanks to a finely-tuned plan dedicated to rebooting my immune system. Here’s how I did it...
  1. Vitamin C: An essential nutrient to keep the immune system revving. I love Solgar’s 1000mg version.
  2. Vitamin D3: An absolute essential during the short, dark days of winter when we’re deprived of the sunlight we need to synthesize this nutrient. A dose of Nature’s Plus Vitamin D3 a day will help keep the Doctor away!
  3. Krill Oil: Cleanmarine Krill Oil is rich in the Omega 3 Fatty Acids that so many of us lack. Great for the heart, great for the brain – a fabulous way to keep the body functioning exactly as it should do.
  4. Soup: There’s nothing like a steaming hot bowl of good old-fashioned homemade soup to revive the spirits and nourish the body when it most needs it! My husband and I have been churning out variations on chicken and vegetable recipes to set us back on the road to health.
  5. Vampires! We all know that bed rest really is often the best way to speed up the recovery process. But really, it isn’t half dull! So I stayed in bed for three days, whiling away the time with some fantastic vampire books.
  6. Skin saviours: When you’ve been ill for a few weeks, it really is written all over your face. So I booked in for a Quick Lift with our wonderful head therapist then relied on these simple but fast-working favourites to get my skin back on track again: DermaQuest’s new 3D Stem Cell Hydrafirm Serum, CosMedix Mystic Hydrating Treatment mist and the DermaQuest Breathable Coverage Liquid Foundation SPF 30 BB Cream. Add them to your shopping list now!