The Palace of Westminster from Thames river at dusk There has been talk of little else in the Capital since the referendum. Cafes, restaurants, bars and tubes are full of chatter about what the fallout will be once the United Kingdom begins the exit process from the European Union. And as one of the country’s thriving industries, it’s clear that questions hang over the beauty sector. I don’t pretend to have a crystal ball, or indeed be a financial forecaster. However anecdotally, I can report that things may not be all doom and gloom. When the pound fell immediately after the referendum result, two friends in beauty retail recounted a huge increase in product sales as people took the opportunity to get more bang for their buck. Perhaps more worrying is the prospect of what our exit will mean for those wanting to import products for retail in the future. At EF MEDISPA, we both use and sell products from France and America. Questions remain over how much suppliers will raise their costs. And ultimately, will Britain feel punished by its decision to leave the Union? For what it’s worth, I think British beauty brands are on safer territory. Simply leaving the European Union will do little to dent that quintessentially British essence that attracts customers to all sectors from around the world – from the Far East to the U.S. The heritage, classicism, sense of luxury and kookiness that typically defines British brands will, in my opinion, always hold appeal. Even so, my advice to all brands would be to build in a financial buffer over the course of the next few months. Give yourself leeway on all your purchases and payments until we see what happens with exchange rates and you’re far less likely to be caught out. In terms of treatments, I’m relieved and happy to report that thus far, it’s business as usual. The truth is that when people feel miserable, they want to cheer themselves up by looking good! So here’s my top three treatments for instant gratification...EF LED_005 (small)
  1. The 3D Skinlift by Ultraformer not only gives you instant results – but keeps on getting better and better over time.
  2. An LED Luminous Lift – 30 minutes of infra-red, ultra-violet and blue light can do everything from heal acne and scarring to lift and tone the skin. It even helps boost the mood and energy levels.
  3. An IV Vitamin Infusion acts as an instant pick-me-up. Follow it up with a vitamin B injection and you’ll be buzzing with inner energy and a general feeling of well-being.
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