Over the past year, we have expanded our clinic offering with some impressive new treatments. In this blog, we want to give you an overview of the new treatments we have, along with new ones we will be introducing very soon!

Banish CelluliteCelluFix by T-shape

Cellulite is a common concern that effects most of us, but we want to put a stop to this with our new CelluFix by T-Shape. This revolutionary treatment uses a combination of therapies including radiofrequency and cold laser to target stubborn fat and promote collagen production, resulting in tighter smoother skin without the orange peel effect.

Silky Smooth Skin

With technology constantly improving and advancing, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and newest devices. That’s why we’re excited to announce we are now offering Laser Hair Removal with the new Soprano Ice Platinum. This revolutionary Laser Hair Removal is pain-less and can be used on all skin types, including tanned skin. The new facial tip means that hard to reach areas like the nose and ears can now be treated too. To find out more about Laser Hair Removal at EF MEDISPA, call us today on 020 3811 2727.

Vaginal RejuvenationSmiling Lady happy

Childbirth and menopause can cause many changes in women’s bodies, including their vagina. However, we have bought on two new treatments that can help to rectify these changes. The first is our FemiLift, a minimally invasive and non-surgical laser treatment that works to tone and tighten the muscles in the vagina. It’s a great treatment to help with post-birth rehabilitation, vaginal dryness and laxity, as well as stress urinary incontinence (SUI). The other treatment we have recently launched is FemiTight & Smooth, another laser treatment which works to promote collagen production in the labia to result in smoother & tighter skin.

Health & Well-being

Our most recent launch is our health and well-being treatment, Intravenous Light Therapy. This revolutionary treatment delivers multiple healing and stimulating benefits to the whole body. Using red and green UV light transmitted through a cannula, it accelerates the repair and replenishment of the bodies blood cells. The treatment can help to improve energy levels, boost the immune system and reduce pain and inflammation. To find out more about the different treatments we offer at EF MEDISPA call us today on 020 3811 2727. Or book a complimentary consultation with one of expert Treatment Coordinators who will be able to create a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and concerns.
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