Do you find Christmas shopping stressful? EF MEDISPA is here to help, with our hand-picked selection of gift sets, beauty bundles and incredible products that we know your friends and family will love to receive.

With a sun-protecting travel set, anti-cellulite kit, an amazing serum and cream duo for younger-looking skin and a life-changing testosterone serum for men and women, it’s never been easier to cross off your gift list with our amazing offering at EF MEDISPA.

Omni by Esther Travel Set

A great choice for beauty-loving jetsetters, this bundle of four beauty essentials works to tackle the signs of ageing and improve the production of natural collagen in the skin. The AM Serum is an antioxidant that brightens and hydrates your face while giving your skin its daily fix of vitamin C; follow it with the Factor 50+ Sunshine Block (in a choice of three skin tones) to use in place of foundation while protecting your face from any sun damage. Throughout the day, give your skin a Vitamin D boost with our Sunshine Spray, then apply the PM Cream before bed to restore, rejuvenate, hydrate, lift and firm your skin while you sleep. The Omni by Esther travel set is presented beautifully in a travel bag, making it great for gifting, and includes products that are must-haves both abroad and at home.

Effusion Anti-Cellulite KitChristmas Gift Guide 2019

Give the gift of smoother skin this Christmas with the Effusion Anti-Cellulite Kit. It includes everything you need to tackle stubborn cellulite at home in a simple addition to your daily beauty routine. The Effusion Once A Day Body Smoothing Scrub is used with the Anti-Cellulite Body Massage Glove to target cellulite. We recommend it is applied to damp skin and rinsed thoroughly. The scrub is made from a unique blend of salts and botanicals that help to hydrate and stimulate lymphatic drainage. It cleanses and exfoliates to prep the skin for the morning and night applications of Effusion Twice A Day Active Cellulite Cream, which you work vigorously into problematic areas until fully absorbed – a little goes a long way. You’ll experience a heated skin sensation for up to 45 minutes while the formula gets to work. You should have instantly smoother looking skin, while over time this simple routine will help to banish stubborn cellulite.

Alphascience Duo: Phytic [TC] Serum + Ultra Deep Firm & Restore Cream

Containing two fantastic formulas for improving skin appearance and tissue performance, this powerful duo from Alphascience is a great gift because of the superb range of skin concerns it addresses. Whether the recipient suffers from acne, dull skin or the common signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, they will love how these vegan-friendly products heal the skin, enhance natural radiance and help create a more youthful appearance.

AQ Therapeutics Endo-Test SerumAQ Therapeutics Endo-Test Serum

This innovative wonder-serum by AQ Therapeutics works to restore lost levels of testosterone in both men and women. This improves a range of life-changing physical, mental and reproductive problems such as mood and libido issues; fat gain and bone density loss; thyroid problems and erectile dysfunction. The Endo-Test serum is incredibly easy to use – simply massage into your forearms until absorbed – and it will work wonders for your mood and energy levels after just a couple of weeks of use.

Christmas is Covered with EF MEDISPA

Don’t forget you can shop our gift sets and bundles online with free delivery on purchases over £100 at, making your Christmas shopping easier than ever! If you want to give your recipient their choice of our fantastic product range, why not treat them to one of our gift cards? Call into any of our London and Birmingham clinics or call us on 0808 231 6868 to purchase. Merry Christmas from EF MEDISPA!
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